Monday, February 21, 2011


WOW!!! Today has been an incredibly moving day.  It all started when I parked my car at FastPark2 at IAH.  I parked my car, got my luggage, and walked to the bus, when the driver took my bag he said, the bus is pretty full, please sit in the front seat.  So, I did, as soon as we started driving we started talking about where I was going, where we're his teens he lived in Colorado, I said it's beautiful there! My grandparents have a summer house there but my grandpa has been in declining health for the past 6 years so we haven't been. He said, yeah getting old you have to realize life is short and better start looking where you're headed (he sounded a little unsure) so I said, well, aging or not, we're not promised tomorrow, so as long as you know where you're going it's not scary...I said, I'm not ready to go, but if I did I'm certain I'm going to live with Jesus...this opened a whole other can...he said, when I was a child I went to church and was kind of religious, but I couldn't understand how there could be a God with a World with so much hate, hurt...he said and then as I got older I realized that good things do happen, there are miracles, so there's someone there...I don't know if it's grandparents or what. I said, No sir...there's a big God, full of miracles...he said well, I feel people who do good things, good things happen to them and people who do bad thing, bad things happen. I said, yes, to a degree...I said but bad things even happen to good people. I said Jesus never said there wouldn't be trials. About that time we were pulling up at the terminal. I said, sir, what's your name? He said, Tim. I said, Tim I'm praying for you and Jesus loves you!! He said I sure appreciate it. I have to say that felt like the SHORTEST trip to the terminal EVER!!! And the easiest...God was there and gave me every word! Please pray for Tim that he will have clarity and KNOW where he will spend eternity.