Friday, August 26, 2011

I love what kids say!

I love the things kids say and I don't want to forget them! I have a hard time trying to remember to get their baby books out daily,so I decided the best way to do that is to record them on my if they are stupid to you...just skip to the next or don't read :)

~Peace and Blessings...

This has been Will's first week back at school in two years.  He has been really funny...he tells me everyday when I pick him up that he went on a motorcycle ride, but not to worry because he wore a helmet...that he rides in a firetruck everyday....Last night I asked him to go in further what color his helmet is.  He went into this lavish story how he wears all blue, a blue helmet, and blue clothes, and the motorcycle is favorite part of the story though is how he pronounces blue--B'Lewwww :) He continued on to say that when he goes in the firetruck he wears red and green...I am not positive educationally what they are learning, but I do know for fact he is learning how to use his imagination! :)

Another thing I love is how kids pronounce different things incorrectly when they are small.  This really bothers one of my husband's friends, but I think it's super cute...therefore, I usually don't correct it.  The fact of the matter is, the older they get, they will learn how to say it right and then that will just mean they are growing up :( I will say this, if it's grammatical and not just pronouncing something wrong, I do usually correct them on that...just so they aren't screwed up in school, but pronunciation is funny....So, one of the things Will has always said wrong is popcorn...he's always called it cockcorn...I have no idea why, but it's one of those things I think is cute and have never corrected...well, the other night we're putting kids to bed and WIll is telling Daron how he had a friend over and they ate 'cockcorn'....Daron was like, "whoa whoa whoa's POPcorn...can you say POP, POP" I said, "babe, he'll learn how to say it the right way sooner or later, I think it's cute"....and Will said, "Pop." Daron said, "yeah, POPcorn." Then Will said, "yeah popcorn." I know this sounds silly...I do want my him to know how to say things correctly, but it's just so cute, kinda made me sad when he said it

When I picked Will up from school yesterday he said, "mom, my 'not' friend scratched me today". I said who? he said, "the girl that's not my friend..."

Then on the way to school this morning Will was telling me that sometimes he gets scared at school (this made me sad--at first) I asked him what makes him said.  He said, "the sharks in the ocean..." I said, "Well, there's no ocean at school, so I think you are safe..."  He said, "Yes there's right across the street.  You want to go with me sometime?" I said, "Well, sure, I'd love to...I had no idea we had a beach in Richmond..."  He said, "Well it's locked, so we'll have to get a key."  ....Once again.....he's learning to use that imagination of his! :) silly boy!

Faith is in first grade now and she has been insistent that she use an alarm clock and wake up ON-HER-OWN!  So, we had it set for Tuesday morning, but I'm not sure if it didn't go off or she hit it and went back to sleep, so I went in there and woke her up...then Wednesday morning Daron went in...then Wednesday night she gave us a lecture that she is a big girl and wants to wake up ALL on her own! She said she didn't care, so we made SURE it was set, made sure she knew how to turn it usual I got back from working out about 10 minutes before her alarm clock was supposed to I just sat in my room and waited, about a LOUD, ANNOYING alarm clock....I waited patiently for her to turn it off for about a minute...went to her room, sleeping beauty had not budged, so I decided to hit snooze, after all, she's a big girl and can do this on her 'own' then I went back out and waited for it to sound again, once again let it buzz for about a minute....walked back into her room she was burrowed under the covers....I said, "Honey, you going to turn off your alarm clock?" She said, "OH MY GOSH!!! It's SO loud and SO annnnnooooyyyyyiiiiinnnnnnnggggggggggg!!!  ughhhhhhhhHH!!!"   LOL!!  So, I turned it off she got up and got ready...needless to say, she didn't bother asking me to turn her alarm clock on last night.  I guess she would like to go back to mommy coming in, gently rubbing her back, kissing her sweat cheeks, and whispering, "It's time to get up precious," which was what I did this morning again.

Faith: "Dear God, thank you for this day, thank you for my health, PLEASE let Madelyn, and 'the kids' be at Nana's...I don't care if Aunt Fallon and Uncle Jason can't make it...just PLEASE let the kids be there!! Thank you, I love you, Amen." 
(sorry Fallon and Jason...I just thought this was precious--can't wait to see yall!)
-I have known my sister and kids were coming in town for a while now, but I have refused to tell my kids in the event of something changing I just didn't want them to be crushed....They know we are going to Nana and Pa's this weekend and every time we go they ask if Madelyn, Haley, Bentley and Brannan will be there and our answer is always the same....we don't think so :) So, this was Faith's prayer last night....precious and I can NOT wait to see the looks on my kid's faces when they see their cousins tomorrow!!!

I love my kids so much and want to cherish these little them in a lock box somewhere because I know in a blink of an eye they will be all grown up.  I am so thankful God has blessed me beyond measure with such a fabulous family.  My goal in life is to continually strive to be a Godly spouse, mother, daughter, sibling, and aunt and that they will KNOW without a shadow of doubt I LOVED THEM....

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 2...

This morning, Will could have won the World's most excuses award....It all started when I was getting Faith ready for school.  He woke up, but was still in his be and said, "mom, I don't want to go to school"...I said "OK" just so I wouldn't have to argue...well he hops up, goes and tells Faith, "Mommy said I didn't have to go to school today"...I was like, "no I didn't"...then he went to Daron, "Mommy said I didn't have to go to school today"...I was like I did not say that! He said, "you said 'ok'...I'm going to work with you."  I said, "no your not, you're going to school."  He said, "No, I went yesterday." I said, "yep and you are going to go everyday from now on."  He said, "NO it's boring!" I said, "what would you do if you went to work with me?" He said, "sit in a chair..."  I said, "all day?" "Yes"....I said, "that would be pretty're going to go play with your friends."  He said, "no, they have to take naps....I do too."  I said, "well you can just lay there, you don't have to sleep."  He said, "well the teacher rubs my back." I said, "cool, you love your back being rubbed!"  He said, "NO I don't, I did when I was a baby."  I said, "well then, why did you ask me to rub your back last night??" He said, "because your mommy."  I said, "so you want me to tell them not to rub your back?" He said "yeah"

oh gosh...I could go on and on with the bologna he pulled this morning...sure hope that doesn't keep up!  Haha, so when I dropped him off at school all the teachers greeted him by name.  I pulled one to the side and informed her he was not excited about being there today...she smiled and said, non of the kids are lol...I asked if she would please tell whichever teacher to not rub his back during nap time (unless he asked).  They thought it was funny and while I was talking to her, Will looked up at me and said, "bye mom, I love you!"

Wow, that was awesome! So glad he didn't cry, but he sure did put me through the ringer...

And as for Faith, she was sweet little princess, got ready without a hitch, ate breakfast and was excited to ride the bus for the first time this year :)

Day 1...

Faith and Will were so excited about school.  We woke up in time to eat breakfast at the table, dress, and even watch a little TV...yeah that's pretty awesome in the Moulton household...Daron went in late so he could take the kids to their class with me.  We dropped Faith off first for her first day of first grade at Frost Elementary, walked her in, she was so excited.  She found out she had a few of her really good friends in her class--hopefully she wont get in trouble with that.  Will gave her big hugs!

Then we went to take Will to school at St. John's School For Little Children.  He walked straight over to the toys and began to play. 

Faith and Will were both so brave and went to school great.  It always makes it easier on mama if they aren't kicking and screaming when you leave them.

After work I picked Will up first.  He was so excited to introduce me to one of his friend, Lucas.  Once we got in the car he told he had a good day.  He slept during nap time because he was tired.  I asked him if he made new friends, he said, "yeah, 3!" I said, "Wow, what are their names?" "Diego, Lucas, and....ummmm...(with a squinty face)....I can't remember his name....ummm...oh yeah, Will." (LOL that's a hard one to remember)  He continued by telling me their mom's names (I guess we were worthy to be talked about at school) He said they went on a walking field trip and road motorcycles, but not to worry because he wore a helmet--he was safe...he also road on a you can see he definitely used his imagination :) I asked if he learned anything...he said, "yes," I said, "did you work on your 'letters'?" He said, "yeah, "1,2,3,4,7,9..." Oh great son! Those are numbers....gosh--I love it, I was cracking up all the way to pick Faith up.

We got to Faith's school, picked her up...once in the car I asked how her day was...she was telling me about it as Will was trying to talk over her to tell her how is day was...I told him he had a turn, lets listen about hers and then he could tell her what all he had done.  Faith told us mainly about her teacher and how she was a grandma and about her grand kids...I asked her if she learned anything, "No." "really? Yall didn't learn today?"  "uhhhhhhh yeah, but nothing specific MOM!  You know, just like math and science..." "Okay, cool..." By this time Will was about to come unglued because he so badly wanted to tell Faith about his day, so we gave him a turn...he told her about his "motorcycle and firetruck ride" and in the most unenthused voice, Faith said, "Whatever Will! You did not!" So of course the arguing and bickering began...and I spoke up and said, honey, in his mind he did...

Love my kiddos!  Glad they had a wonderful first day!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

draining week

Man, it has just been a draining week. It started first thing Monday morning when my kids were extra clingy and begging me to stay home with them their last week of heart ached as I knew I must go to work and saddened that I felt like I was disappointing them. I sucked it up headed to work with tears welling up in my eyes. Arrived at work and took deep breaths and was ready to tackle my Monday.

Got in to the office and was doing my usual "stuff" then read my daily devotion from Devotions For Women on the Go The title was The Biggest Fear it talked about how public speaking is one of the #1 most common fears....if you know me well, this isn't so much the case for me. But it goes further into saying that speaking up is one fear that God's wants us to get over. It had several examples of how we can speak up and scripture for credibility. I had NO idea this would relate to my day...then got a call...won’t go into much detail other than I was treated very unfairly and very disrespected not once, not twice, but three times by 1:00pm. By this point I felt completely defeated...I'm a people pleaser and was just crushed that someone thought so ill of my character...As I was recovering from these multiple blows I had a voicemail from a lady I have been dealing with for Will's (old) mother's day...which once again I was not granted my wishes. For both of these women I just stated facts, was very kind (which typically I'm not great at when being attacked--which will bring me to today's devotion in a moment) but didn't speak up too much.

Yes, I am being very vague to protect the privacy of these people, even though I really don't want too...but the gist of it is, it was an absolutely terrible Monday...I felt defeated, sad, and honestly wanted to crawl in a hole and go to sleep and wake up Tuesday for a brand new day!!

Well, Tuesday was substantially better. My boss came in, cracked me up as she always does, went to lunch with a great friend, and overall had a really nice day.

Today has been okay, nothing that special...couple glitches that made me feel defeated, once I got caught up on my work I pulled out my devotional and read today's: Unusual Kindness basically it was saying that people notice when you are unusually kind. Typically I would say, yes, of course people notice....however, with my crappy week it made me think of Monday how in my opinion I was 'unusually kind' actually I would say more "supernaturally kind" there's no way I composed myself to be that kind on my own to the people that were just so nasty to me. However, I guess a couple days later for the sake of my reputation as well as my job, I'm glad I was tasteful. As the devotion said, "To be unusually kind--it pays big dividends!"

After I read today's I decided to take a look at yesterday's as I had not read it and the title of that one was State Your Case and the main point of this was that God wants us to argue our case before him. He wants you to contend for truth and understanding....I thought to myself wow, I have truly felt defeated all continued to say some things we need to keep in mind as we approach God:

-He is God. He is all-knowing. he sees the whole story. He sees all the details.
(I felt like this meant, Shawna, get over what has happened to don't need justice from these people, God's in the details and knows, He's the almighty Father, rest in peace knowing you were unusually kind)

-He is God. He is perfect, holy, and righteous. He does not make mistakes.

-He is God. He is all-powerful, and it is only because of his amazing mercy and patience that you live on the earth.

-He is God. He is sovereign. He has the ability to make all things work together for your good, even when things look pretty bad.
(Praise God...He's got my back!)

-He is God. You are not. He deserves respect and praise even if you don't feel like giving it.
(These women I have dealt with this week deserve my respect also....even though I did NOT feel like giving it)

This has been a trying week. I just need to continually remind myself when I feel so defeated as I have this week, I am here for a reason. I have purpose, I am favored and I am a child of the most high God!

Again I say, don’t get involved in foolish, ignorant arguments that only start fights. A servant of the Lord must not quarrel but must be kind to everyone, be able to teach, and be patient with difficult people. Gently instruct those who oppose the truth. Perhaps God will change those people’s hearts, and they will learn the truth. Then they will come to their senses and escape from the devil’s trap. For they have been held captive by him to do whatever he wants. 2 Timothy 2:23-26

***Disclaimer—I would like to make it very clear and known that these people that I have allowed to ruin my week my because their lack of integrity were not my bosses!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Eight years...

Reminiscing...I feel very blessed to have married my best friend 8 years ago! I'm posting some old pictures from the beginning, our fairy tale wedding, and the additions :)

As Faith would sing...
"Mommy and Daddy, sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G
First comes love,
then comes marriage,
then comes baby
in a baby...ewww, don't kiss"

First comes love...
Outside of Bluebell Creameries in Rockport in 2000

Prom 2001

Then comes marriage...

can't believe Bentley is about to be 10...

Feel so blessed to say I keep in touch with all my bridesmaids, still...
Melissa, Shaneece, Kay, Fallon, Kate, and Jule's



awww, sweet brother....

Just what I expected :)

Daron's Mom and Step-Dad

Daron's Dad and Step-Mom


Sweet little Hayden, can't believe how big he is now either :(

Daron looks like he may faint

Papa, Nannie, Me, Daron, Meme, and Poppy
All my grandparents!

Sweltering in 112 degrees on our fabulous wedding day...

Fishies for the kids to take home...

Our cakes were so good! I would love to have a slice today!

Papa always said he would be at my wedding with cow bells on...there he was!

My sweet daddy had a country song-writer write a song and he had him come perform

Off to our romantic honeymoon in Maui!

Then comes babies in the baby carriage...

We celebrated our 8 year anniversary at quiet Karl's at the Riverbend.  It was a nice quiet evening with good food and conversation.  At the end of our meal they brought us a dessert on the house and took this picture of us...not the best picture of the two of us, but the most recent.

The past eight years of marriage has most definitely had it's ups and downs but those ups and downs are what has made our marriage what it is.  I am thankful for having a husband who will continually work on our marriage and communicate with me.  I am so blessed and thankful to call him my husband and best friend. 

Here's to many more years of health and happiness!