Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break 2012-Colorado

Spring Break 2012
South Fork, Colorado

After work Friday we hit the road for Colorado. We stopped for the night in Fort Stockton, then went the rest of the way Saturday. We took it easy and stopped every few hours so we could stretch our legs. The kids were absolutely wonderful! They stayed occupied with their iPods, movies, coloring, and lots of talking :) It was a really nice trip! We were very excited to see my family, all 14 of us went!
Day 1-Travel

he refused to look at me, but he was content :)

Day 2--New Mexico

Yippee!! Colorado line!

 Sunday we headed out to find a nice sledding sloap in the National Forrest

Will was SO excited when he woke up! He ran in my room like this..."Mom, I'm ready to play in the snow." Little did he know, that was his first layer of clothes :)
and there's the rest of the layers :) haha...

hiking the mountain to sled down...gotta love the altitude (8200 ft) lots of huffing and puffing going on here

L to R
my brother, Vincent, Dad aka Pa and Brannan and Mom aka Nana

Pa lugging up monkey

Most of the family
L to R
my lil sis Kay, Haley, Will, Nana, Brannan, Faith, Madelyn, Pa, and Vince

Daron, Will and Brannan sledding

Me, Faith and Will

Faith, Pa, Madelyn and Brannan

Faith's smile here tickles me!
Kay and I sledded together...

thanks to Daron for the play-by-play wipe out! :)

Nana, Brannan, Will and Haley

Aunt Tay and Willie

Brannan taking a break

Faith and Madelyn chill'n

I turned around and he was on his tummy eating handfuls of snow :)

Mom, Dad, and "the baby" :)

D Man and Vinnie

The Boys, Vince, Daron and Bentley

My little sister and brother

Fallon, Haley was your place marker since you weren't there :)

Monday, snowmobiling time!!

Madelyn and Kay

Will and Daron

Pa and Haley
Haley said, "this is the best day of my life!"

Faith and me

Madelyn and Faith

Will and me

The Vollmering Gang

The Moulton Clan

Snowmobiling group
Nana stayed home with Brannan because he was too young
Fallon and Jason weren't in town yet

Bentley fly'n solo

Tuesday--Day 1 of ski school

Madelyn, Haley, Will, and Faith

Willie and Faith
My perty sisters...Fallon and Kaylan

The three amigos

Dad and Kay

brothas...Jason and Vince


Nana promised them skittles after ski school...ahaha

My beautiful mother and Brannan
Faith heading up the lift for the first time with mommy




Kay, Dad, Bentley and Fallon

Wednesday-Day 2 of skiing

Daron and me

Faith and Haley...they were rockstars!

Vincent and Faith

Thursday--Day 3 of skiing

Nana skied with us the last day!

So did Brannan :)

It was such a fun week! Time to head back home...

Mama's home cook'n
phase 10

We stayed the night in Roswell, NM on the way home

Back in Tejas