Friday, September 2, 2016

"What God is preparing you for is worth the wait"

Yesterday was 9 months to the day that I was in my wreck, and the day I finally agreed to have injections in my neck. For 9 months I have been in constant neck and shoulder pain. Some of you know, many of you don't even know I was even in a wreck.  I have been to months of physical therapy, chiropractors and massages (don't let that fancy word fool you....torture sessions). I've been sad, thankful, frustrated, cried A LOT and more than I'd like to admit, ANGRY!

I write all of this because as I lie awake in the middle of the night in extreme pain (more than I was the night before, due to the soreness of the shots) I recall the words of my doctor yesterday as I was begging him to ensure me this was the key and I would finally be healed, he gently placed his hands on my shoulder and said, "Jesus is the ultimate healer, but I'm hopeful this will help you!" I was encouraged.

I do believe Jesus is the ultimate healer but if I were to be real with you....I have been pleading to feel as "normal" as I appear to all of you. With that said, I do still have and faith that he is going to somehow use my months of pain for his glory....I just can't see it yet.

Earlier this week one of my students informed me of an app called Sprinkle of Jesus. )Praise Jesus for students who are bold enough to talk about their faith and these types of apps in your class!!) Yesterday she said, "Mrs. Moulton, did you get the app yet?" I had totally forgot! Grabbed my phone and immediately downloaded. Well, as I was writing this blog the app alerted me at the top of my screen for the first time, "What God is preparing for you is worth the wait" ha-gosh, he is so faithful in time of need that he reminded through an app.

In closing, I'm in pain, my family and closest friends have encouraged me it will get better, and I believe it....but sometimes it's just hard! Please pray for my complete restoration AND that I will use my story when and how God has planned.

Be blessed.