Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mexico with Friends

Cancun, Mexico
Aug.31-Sept.5, 2012
With Daron's brother & new wife, Stevie & Ashley
and wonderful friends (like family) Chris & Summer

Just landed in Mexico...
Stevie's shirt had a lot of people in the airport talking...
leave it to him! :)

The gang--here we go!

VIP transportation was the way to go!!

Summer & Chris

Stevie & Ashley

Daron & Me

The girls

ahhh...first glance at the pool area

Day 1 of the trip--chilling in the pool

The first night we ate at the Steakhouse--delish!

Then off to theme night, bacchanal white party & DJ

We only had 3 hours of sleep the night before...this espresso was the only thing that kept my up til midnight!


Day 2

and, I was up at the crack of dawn morning #1
Decided to take a walk on the beach so I wouldn't wake Daron up
May have been one of the most peaceful, relaxing mornings!

As I gazed over the Ocean, I thought, how can you see all of this and not believe in God?!?!
So thankful my Father is the creator of this amazingly gorgeous universe!

More fun in the sun with friends

Stevie's so tough, LOL

Day 3:
Daron and I took the ferry to Isla Mujeres, rented a golf cart and enjoyed cruising around the island ending with a wonderful massage on the beach.
Stevie, Ashley, Chris & Summer to a day tour to the same island and snorkeled.


We went to a turtle farm on the island. These turtles were born the night before. They keep them for three days, then release them.

This is where the turtles lay their eggs, pretty interesting.

We were told to eat was good, nothing amazing

Ferry ride home...plenty of sun

We thought of our sweet Will, he would LOVE to go on those ships!
Date night at the Wok--my fav!

tempura ice cream

tempura bananas

Love this brother pic!

Day 4=lounging in the sun all day, ahhhh

Italian night


Day 5


the following pictures of from the Italian night before


Enjoying our last full day in paradise


Day 6:
Daron and I couldn't just pack up in leave, we enjoyed an hour on the beach!

going to miss this

successful group trip!

Farewell til next time