Monday, March 19, 2012

Birthday Celbration

We had a couple of close friends and their family come over for dinner.  Last minute I decided to get the china was perfect! So much fun! We really enjoyed the night!
appetizer: Sander's cheese tray

adult table
ham dinner

spinach salad

kids table, walked in to get more tea and they were holding hands praying

My favorite dessert and first attempt at creme brulee=awesome!

Scott and Michelle

Brock and Rochelle

Rochelle and me

The ladies

Rochelle, is like a the middle of everything...hehe, love you Rochelle!

me and all my sweet chillins! Will, Riley, Stone, Faith, Grant and Aiden

last but not least, my sleeping angel Aiden!

Thank you sweet friends for such a fun night!

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