Wednesday, September 29, 2010

MOM! You forgot to pray!

My typical weekday mornings consist of waking up, getting the kids ready, fed, and out the door...We hurriedly hop in the car and rush to the long line at the only entrance/exit of our neighborhood to wait for at least 3 lights to get out. The first day of Faith's kindergarten year I decided that that time would be best used by praying for Faith, her teacher, Daron, Will and myself. It usually goes something like this:

Dear God, Thank you for this day. Thank you for allowing us to all wake up this morning and be in a good mood (even when we're not so much) God I pray for Faith, I pray that she would have a great day at school. Lord help her to be nice to her friends and her friends be nice to her. God, I pray that you would put protection around her and her school today and keep any bad things away from them. Jesus, I pray for Mrs. Banowsky. I pray that she had a good night sleep and that you would grant her with compassion and patience today! I pray that she would be able to effectively teach. God, we pray for daddy. We ask that he would have a safe trip to work. Please shield his car with protection. Help him to have a good day and be able to get off on time. God, I pray that you would be with Will. Help him to have a good day and obey mommy. (from the backseat Will always yells, "and help me say no bad words!") Jesus, I pray you would be with mommy today. I pray that you would give her patience and compassion. I ask that she would have a good day and watch her mouth. God, thank you for our good health, I ask that you would continue to bless us with our good health. In Jesus name, Amen.

Well, this morning, I grabbed my wallet and was looking for a receipt as I waited for the light to change. When the third light turned green we were able to get out of the neighborhood. As we turned down Farmers, Faith said, "MOM! You forgot to pray!"

I am SO grateful that what I started on the first day of school has made such an impact in my daughter's life that when I forget for a day she reminds me of what is the most important.

Be blessed!

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  1. Children are a blessing from God and they do help us see what is important in life. Prayers and relationship. Thank you for laying this foundation in your children (and my grandchildren). Love you all! Mom