Sunday, October 3, 2010

Busyness and Birds

Yesterday was a busy, tiring, long, yet rewarding day. It all started around 5 am with a restless night behind me. My Mom, sister, and I woke up to run our first 5K together. We all did wonderful and I am so proud of my mom and sister!! As soon as we all crossed the finish line it was hugs and kisses then I hit the road for a quick trip back to Houston for Will's first soccer game.

I made it to the game in record time all to see my son flailing himself on the ground crying because he was "so tired" and wanted to go home. As Daron and I tried to keep our cool we made him stand on the sidelines to support his team. After the game we went straight home and he had to stay in his room until Faith's game at noon...remember, because he was 'so tired.'

In between that time I went on another run so I could consider this my "long run" day and take Sunday off...rushed back, went to Faith's game, took them to pizza, went to the grocery store, and by the time we got home 4 was already here and I was exhausted. Will was grumpy so Daron laid him down for a nap and we all went to veg. Around 6:15 pm Will woke up crying and Daron said if you can't stop crying lay back down until you can wake up happy....well, I guess he was really tired because he did not wake up until 6 am this morning!! 14 hours of sleep!!

Since I retired early myself I woke up with him, got him milky and we watched Spider Man. Once Faith woke up I went to the kitchen to make them cinnamon rolls and you could here the birds chirping away outside. About 10 minutes later Will walked in the kitchen and said, "Do you hear that mommy?" I said, "What?" because honestly at that point I wasn't sure what I was supposed to be listening for...he said, "The birdies, they are outside playing, he opened the door, hear them..they are just playing and talking...."

I love that in the business of life, in the stillness of the mornings, we can still hear what God has created. Take time to listen to nature blessed

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