Sunday, October 23, 2011

Story Land

Will goes to a Christian school where they choose not to celebrate Halloween, but they still want the kids to have a good time so they have what they call "Story Land."  Each class has a theme book and the kids are to dress up in a "low-budget/homemade costume."  Will's book was Winnie the Pooh and he wanted to be Tigger.  He already had an orange shirt so I just patched on these different colors of felt.  I was quiet impressed without the outcome considering I don't care much for crafts :)

Luckily Daron had just gotten back in town from business and was able to go spend some time with Will at Story Land...I was SO glad so I could have some pictures of this fun memory.

I just made the shirt, hat and tail are courtesy of Walmart :)

Quiet ferocious

I wantd to take a picture of his back side and all he would do was show me his tail between his legs

Will and Ms. Wester

Will and his classmates

ready for some games

I love how you can't see his head at all :)

The End

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