Thursday, January 12, 2012

Will's first girlfriend

On Monday I took Will to school.  When we walked in and singed in I was holding and kissing on him, our usual routine :) When I went to put him down there were two little girls with open arms saying, "Good morning Willie!!" He didn't even look and walked right past them. I snickered inside thinking it was a little rude, yet funny and left. 

When I picked him of from school on Monday they were out on the playground and the same little girls were walking with him over to me.  I said, "hi! What's your names?" One was Macey, the other was something else...I remembered Macey because Will always talks about her.  I had always asked if he liked her and always says, "NO, that's Maverick's girlfriend!" (Maverick is one of his best buds at school).

Well, Tuesday afternoon I picked him up. We were in the car on our way home and I was asking about his day...he was quiet for a moment and said, "Mom, I need to tell you something." I said, "okay, what is it buddy?" He said, "Never mind," with a smirk on his face. So, instead of insisting on him telling me, I blew it off, pulled over to get gas, when I got back in the car Will said, "Okay, I want to tell you now." I said, "Cool, what's up." With blushing cheeks and a smile he said, "Macey is BEAUTIFUL!" (which she is a very pretty little girl!) I said, "Yes, she is!" He said, "Maverick said she's the most beautiful girl in the World....I said yes and that was mostly the end of that conversation Tuesday.

Last night (Wednesday) I was laying down with Will putting him to bed and he said, "Maverick broke Macey's heart!" I said, "wow, really? how?" He said, "He didn't want a girlfriend anymore so he broke up with her, and it broke her heart" (this is seriously coming out a four-year olds mouth!) I said, "Aww, how said...did you hug her and make her feel better?" He said, "YES, she really wanted a boyfriend." I said, "so you're her boyfriend now?" He said with a grin, "YES!"  I asked him if Maverick was still his friend...he said, yeah, after he did it he said he wanted a girlfriend so he asked another girl, then another girl........he has a boyfriend now (Oh my!)
I was telling my sister this on the phone, because of course I think it's funny....she laughed and said, I can only imagine how Maverick's parents feel as he tells them his story...I didn't even think of that lol!  She also said, I'm pretty sure Will broke some sort of "man code" hahaha...probably true again, but it doesn't seem the his pre-k clan minds....I guess we'll see what he has to say when I pick him up today.

Anyways, enough rambling. I think it's cute Will's has a girlfriend as long as it stays pre-kish it will be cute! It's precious how his face lights up when he talks about her.  I pray that as Will grows older that he will 1) still jump in my arms and hug and kiss me in public! :) and 2) that he will continue to have open communication with me!!

~until next time...

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