Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Will's First Love Letter

Last night the kids were supposed to be in bed and Will came out. We told him to get back in bed, and he said, "I just need to put something in my backpack." We said okay, just hurry...not thinking anything about it. Well, this morning I went to put his lunch box in his backpack and found this...his first love letter.  In some of my previous post you have read about Macy :) When I dropped him off at school he said, "Mom, I need that paper out of my backpack." I gave it to him and hid around the corner watching him give his first love letter.  He walked up to all of his guy friends, in a deep voice, "Where's Macy?" They pointed behind him, I could only see a little girl sitting with dark hair pulled up with a large pink bow. He handed it to her, she looked at it, then at him, he said in his deep voice, "it's from me!" I knew Daron was patiently waiting in the car so I left, but it was SO cute! The other thing I think is cute is that Faith helped him make this and hasn't said a word to us...ahhhh, siblings :)

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