Sunday, October 14, 2012

Jesus is the boss of my life!

Sunday, October 14, 2012
Tonight was a very special, memorable night... 

Faith was hanging out watching football with Daron while I was laying with Will. He and I were chatting about our weekend and he said, "Mommy, is Jesus in my tummy yet?" I thought a moment and said, "you mean in your heart?" He said "yes!" I said, "Well, have you asked him to be there?" He said, "No, but I want to..."I asked him what it meant to have Jesus be the boss of his life...he said Jesus died on the cross for his sins, that God is his real dad, he loves him, and will live with him forever.  I said, "Would you like to ask Jesus to be the boss of your life and live in your heart?" He said, "yes," so we prayed together (he repeating me) asking Jesus to be the boss of his life. After "Amen" out of no where he started singing "God hears me, God hears me when I pray...." (he has never done this before which only makes me think it was more sincere). After putting both kids to bed and talking to Daron about this he told me that this afternoon when they were outside playing Will told him that God was his real dad and that he (Daron) was just his dad for a little while...Daron explained that was true and that they are actually brothers in Christ. Don't know about you, but a really cool thought.

So then I went to lay down with Faith

(Preface: she had not been anywhere around, I only point this out because they are siblings that often try to copy or one-up each it makes me feel like this was more sincere. She asked Jesus to come in her life several months ago but did not want to get baptized. Daron and I never pressed the issue because we wanted her heart to be there and it be all her...)

she said, "I want to get baptized!" I said, "Wow that's great!" She said, "Yes, at the end of the month celebration service." (the Church we have been visiting baptizes once a month and they call it the celebration service...we have not talked about this at home, tell me she doesn't listen at Church! :) LOL) She proceeded  (all on her own) to tell me she needed to read her Bible more and learn more scripture, that she knows her life will have to be different and she will try to obey us more, get along with her brother more, and be a good example to her friends. She yelled for "d-man" (Daron, her dad) to come in the room to share her excitement! Told him all about her decision and prayed with her arms wrapped around both our necks. ~precious moments~

Afterwards, she said, "I'm really excited about this, but do I have to wear my earplugs?" (For those of you who may not know, she has had three sets of tubes and can not get her ears submerged in any water--even bath water) I told her yes, she seemed a little bummed, but did not waiver in the most important decision she has ever made.

After putting the kids to bed, Daron finished watching the Texans get hammered by the Packers...I went on a walk around the block and thought to myself what an amazing God we serve...even more, this privilege of being a mom and raising His children. When you really think of it, it's like the most overwhelming, important responsibility we have...we are only here on earth because of Him, to serve Him and show others about Him! I know my job will never be over sharing the Good News and being a constant light in my home (and World around me), but this is a very proud mom moment. I feel so blessed!

If you would pray for:
  1. Faith and Will to continue to understand what it means to follow Christ daily
  2. Daron and I to be good role models
Thank you friends for being apart of our life and our story. Have a wonderfully blessed week!


If you are reading my blog and don't know where you would go if you were to die in...1 second...if you have questions email me: I would be happy to talk with you, answer questions...and if I don't have the answers, I will find someone that does.

~Be Blessed~


  1. How awesome! I look forward to the day Landon is ready to make the same decisions!