Saturday, January 8, 2011

Brutally honest thoughts of a runner...well THIS runner anyway

This post is solely the thoughts that cross my mind while I'm running, this is not based on anyone else's opinion...just mine.

Here we go from the moment I wake up:
"I don't really want to do this!" "YES you do, get your butt out of bed and go."
"No, I'm just going to snooze until 7." "Okay, but no later than 7!"
"Oh crap, it's 7:15...ok, let's go."
"Please Lord, don't let me wake the kids as I leave!"
"Oh dang, it's cold outside!" "You can just turn around and crawl back in bed."
"NO, you can't!! You are already outside, just RUN!" "Okay, fine!"
"Oh dang, why does everything hurt the first 2 miles?"
"Lord, please let my shins stop my calves...BREATH!"
"Wow, thank you Jesus for this beautiful morning"
"Oh the sunrise is stunning!"  "Thank you Jesus for the beautiful sounds of the birds chirping."
"Lord, please don't let that green car that has just passed me twice kidnap me." "Just in case I'm going to get their LP# to txt to Daron if they do...891XMY."
"What cross streets am I on in case I get kidnapped I can txt someone"
"Ok, good they passed me and didn't stop."
"YES, 2 miles in...feeling better..."
"Shawna, keep your arms below your heart, shake 'em out...loosen up"
"You can do this!"
"Dear God, please don't let that dog attack me"
"Thank Jesus for not letting that dog attack me"
"hmmm...I wonder which street I should take to add another mile."
"I'm so thankful Daron downloaded this program on my phone to track my distance."

"OK, getting bored...time to listen to music."
"whew, thank you Jesus for not letting me step in that dog poop!"

"Jesus, please don't let these ducks attack me."
"Thank you Jesus for not letting them attack me!"
"5.5 miles...only 2.5 more to go!"
"Oh no!! Why do I always get the urge in the 6th mile??? WHY didn't I plan this run around a convenient store???"
"Dang, I'm going to have to walk..."
"ok, I need to talk to God-turn off music"
"Dear God, please let me be able to hold another 1.3 miles to a restroom!"
"Should I ask that car to take me to the store?"
"What about that one?"
"Jesus, I plead that you allow me to make it to Valero!"

"I really wish I knew more people on my routes."
"Praise the good Lord, thank you Jesus for letting me make it to the store!"
"Ok, 3/4 mile left...get with it Shawna!"
"YES, 8.13 miles!"
"I did it!! Thank you Jesus for another successful and safe run!"

Well, these are the brutally honest thoughts as I run...I have realized running really is a demanding sport, but there is nothing like it. It clears my mind so much! Thank you Fallon for always nudging me into this sport, thank you to an anonymous person for pissing me off enough to run for the first time, thank you Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred for getting me cardio vascularly (don't think that's a word, but I like it) prepared, thank you Summer for showing me that you can get results, thank you Lucas for always telling me to quit whining and dominate, thank you mom for showing me you can do it at any age, and thank you Daron for always being supportive, loving, and complementing-I love you! 

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