Thursday, December 16, 2010

Do you know what happened in your child's life today?

Today was a busy day...I got home about an hour before Faith's bus got here so I jumped in bed turned the TV on for Will, set my alarm clock to meet Faith at the bus stop, and caught a short cat nap...

When I woke up I was still quiet tired, but I jumped out of bed and went out to greet Faith.  When she walked in the house she was very whiny and emotional...very snappy, so, unfortunately, I tend to react...I yelled, "Gosh, you are in a BAD mood! Did you have a bad day or what?!?!" She said, "Yes, actually I did!"

She has never really responded like that, so I said, "well, I'm very sorry to hear that, what happened?" She began her story at lunch time (keep in mind this is 10:45 for her) She said, after lunch we went outside to play and there was a little girl who couldn't get up.  In my mind I was just thinking someone I said, well, why not? She said, she was just laying there and no one could help her and the ambulance had to come...I was taken  aback...she was crying so I just hugged her and tried to comfort  her.

Then we went to the ENT because she has been having a hard time hearing, long story short...she has to have tubes that was upsetting as well...

Fast forward to bed time.  I was laying in bed with her loving on her.  She was still upset.  I said honey, are you ok? She said, I'm just so sad.  I said well tell me everything you remember...she said, well she was on the balance beam and fell off and laid real still...then she started shaking and couldn't stop...she said the nurse came out but no one could help her so the ambulance came.

I said, well do you want to pray for her? She said, well I don't even know her name. I said you don't have to, God knows exactly who you are talking about.  So she said, "God please help that little girl be okay...God please help that little girl be okay.  God please help that little girl be okay...Mommy, I don't even know what else to say..." I said, "sweetie, that is enough!"

Clearly Faith had a traumatic day...I am so thankful she shared what went on today and how it made her feel.  I pray that as she gets older she would continue to share the bad days with me.  That she would trust me enough to love on her and that we can go to the only one who can change matters and ask for comfort and help.

Please keep this little girl in your prayers for complete healing.  Please pray for her parents and family to have peace...and for those precious little kids that witnessed this today to be able to be comforted and have  peace. 

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