Monday, May 9, 2011

Kids are mean!

Last Friday was field day at Faith's school.  She was able to have a "free dress" day.  She wore shorts and one of her school shirts.  Anyways, I thought she looked beautiful--as always...Much to my surprise she came home from school today and was changing in to school clothes and said, "Mommy, on Friday when I was getting off the bus I heard this 5th grader saying I shouldn't be wearing these shorts because my legs are too skinny." (of course I hear and think...if someone told me that it would be like and angle from heaven lol...) but anyways, Faith is all upset about it.  I said, "Your legs are beautiful! You are perfect just the way you are! Plus...what do you want...big 'ol legs like mama??"  She laughed and grabbed my legs, smiled, and walked off...I guess that satisfied her :)

Still don't like kids talk'n 'bout my baby like that though!!

My beautiful girl!


  1. what kind of legs is she supposed to have? ~clarissa

  2. ?? I think they are are just mean...