Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Circle of Friends

I just loved my devotion this morning. It talked about who we surround ourselves with...are they are like us, same tax bracket, same age and stage of life?? She warned there could be danger in that.

"...there is more joy in heaven over one lost sinner who repents and returns to God than over ninety-nine others who are righteous and have not strayed away!"

"Variety in relationships will safeguard your success. Diversity in dialogue will protect your ability to think clearly. Looking at an issue or idea from all angles protects your is wise and biblical to expand your relationship circle." -Pam Farrel

In Revelation 5:9 it says that heaven will be full of all types of people. Having friends that are different from us will keep us sensitive to their needs, traditions, and help us think through our own personal beliefs and theology.

Ever since I was in grade school I have had a mixture of friends. I had my Church friends, a couple of which become my life-long friends, I had school friends and within those school friends I had many different groups. I have never been afraid to be friends with another race, friends from broken homes, friends from no mom will actually tell you that I tend to be drawn to those. I do, my heart drifts to the what I always thought of as "normal" people I find great joy in being able to pray along side and be there for these friends.

Observing my friendships and relationships to this day I truly feel like I have variety. I am truly grateful for the many different relationships I have! My Christian friends that stand firm and hold me accountable. Those I know I can call on at any moment and be prayed for. Those that have faced some really tough trials and tribulations and I have been able to learn from their experience and strengthen my walk with the Lord, husband, and family.

Everyone that comes into your life has a purpose. Really try and search as to why that person crossed your path today, take a quick moment to pray for that person, ask God to bless them, provide for them, and show his love. These are some of my favorite times...last year when I was training for my San Antonino 1/2 marathon I saw the same, very over weight man every morning walking around the pond. Every morning I would pray God would give him the strength not to give up and continue to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Another more recent one is every morning when I'm turning in to work the same man is out on the side walk sweeping the leaves, I pray for him, and I am so thankful he is here to keep my building beautiful. Too often these people are overlooked, just pray for them, who knows where they've been or where they are going--with prayer miracles happen!

Have a blessed day.

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