Sunday, June 5, 2011

Big Events

(Forgot to post this was actually two weeks ago)

This past week has been a whirl wind of busy schedules and exciting end of the year events. Saturday was the kids last soccer game of the Spring season.  Faith and Will have both improved by leaps and bounds.  It really was so much fun spending our Saturday mornings out on the field.  Will scored between 4-8 goals per game with the highlight game-he scored 16! Yes, you see that number right 1-6! Of course I was in College Station for my sisters graduation and didn't get to see it, but non the less, he did and his daddy was SUPER proud!  We put Faith on an older team so she would be more challenged and she was definitely that :) Most of the kids towered over her at each game, but she held her own! She is known for her speed and great defense skills.  She scored a couple goals this season, which was amazing!

Faith and Will with their Spring soccer trophies

Will's so proud

Faith is a quick one
Will and Mimi

Faith and Mimi

Sunday was the kids end of the year choir concert at Church.  Each Wednesday evening the kids go to Church for choir practice and mission friends...they always give me grief on the way that they don't want to go, but then they are so excited to tell me how much fun they had when we are know, it's what kids do :)  Anyways, Faith and Will put on their Sunday's best  for the occasion and were very excited to sing they songs they had been practicing all year.  I must say, they did a phenomenal job! Both kids sand their little hearts out with a smile:)
 Will is top left, doing a wonderful job with his sign language!
Will is on the far, top, left singing his little heart out.
So proud of himself for signing in front of a crowd, mommy and daddy were very impressed as well!
Mimi, Will, and Daddy...time to watch Faith

 Faith is in the pink dress in the center (next to her sweetheart friend, Stone)
She's a natural

Our beautiful princess
Mimi and her kiddos!

Last but certainly not least, Faith graduated from Kindergarten on Tuesday evening from Frost Elementary.  She has been blessed with THE BEST teacher in the World-Mrs. B! We love her SO much and will miss her next year.  Faith has enjoyed getting to meet new friends, learn how to read, and she is a Math whiz--thanks to her daddy! :) She received the Good Citizenship Award, Sight Word Medal, and Excellence in Math Award (Daron LOVES doing math with her) We are so very blessed to have a wonderful, beautiful, and intelligent daughter.

 Getting ready to perform their musical
 She loves to sing
 Walking across the stage
 Faith and The MOST wonderful Kindergarten Teacher EVER!
Nana and Pa managed to make it up and surprise Faith...she was elated!

It has been a really exciting week, have a wonderful day!

*Thank you Mimi, Nana, and Pa for coming to these special events.  The kids were absolutely thrilled to see someone out there besides us :)

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