Sunday, June 5, 2011

Will's 4th Birthday Week :)

Kicking off Will's birthday week!
First stop, donut shop--his favorite!

Next Stop, All Star Family Grill

Blurry, but cute picture of the group

Silly boy

The Il Primo for dinner :)

Yay-Daddy's home...let's open presents

Sweet kiddos

"Look at my cool new shades!"
He's been begging to a skate board!

Yay the weekend is finally here!! Party at The Sweet Tooth Shoppe in Fulshear

Will, Pa, and Braiden
Will, Faith, Pa, Braiden, and Roman
All the kids flocked to Pa!

 Beautiful girls!! Faith and Nana
 Aunt Kay and Faith
 Aunt Kay, Faith, and Nana
 Mimi and Faith
Faith, Pa, and Will

Papa Scooter, Will, Pa, and Faith
I love this Grandpa picture :)

Faith, Mimi, and Bella
 Kyle and Kaleb
 Baby Aiden
Faith and Aunt Kay being silly and not taking a picture for me
 Game Time
 The Dulocks
 Janet and Liam
 The Bruhn's
 Faith and Bella
 Stone and Faith
Grant and Aiden 
A game they played-they had to close their eyes, hold their hands out for a jelly bean, eat it with eyes closed, open eyes and guess what flavor...I would have NEVER thought this would work for a group of three and four year olds--BUT it DID! :)

Chase being a trooper!
Time to limbo...

Will opening his presents on the stage (aka-table)

Auntie Kristen
Willie Rock'n his skateboard gear!
I can do it!

We have all had a wonderful time celebrating Will's birthday with family and friends.  Thank you all for making it so special!

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