Sunday, June 5, 2011


(Forgot to post this was actually two weeks ago)

Well, our family has been going through some changes....I got a job with Blomstrom Hurdle Associates, LLC, Michael and Jean Hurdle's Financial Advising Company.  For those of you who do not know Michael and Jean, they are a couple that go to my Church, Michael plays the guitar on Sunday's and Jean has been by Bible study leader for a couple years now--a wonderful couple.  Anyways, I am truly blessed to have this opportunity arise.  I am their Administrative Assistant. 

This week was my first week on the job, training.  All but Tuesday has been great.  Tuesday I was in a little funk and wasn't sure I was making the right know, adjusting can be difficult.  I was missing my Willie time (using him as a crutch) :) Anyways, I have learned a wealth of knowledge and I am super excited about this new journey.  Will has been staying at a great friend's house and has been having a blast! Yesterday he was crying because he didn't want to leave :) Even though it was annoying, it was nice to know that he has been enjoying himself.  Faith is still in school so she has been going home with friends this week.  Other than being exhausted, we have all done really well.
*Thank you to Rebekah, Jama, Theresa, and Amanda for ALL your help this week!

I trained this week and will start for good on June 27th.  I am so excited about this because I will get to have a few weeks to hang out with the kids!  Many of you have been asking what we are going to do with them...This summer they will have a nanny for 5 of the 8 weeks.  She is a junior in high school (from the school I used to teach at)--a really great girl, the kids are super excited.  The other 3 weeks the kids will go to the daycare where Will will go in the fall.  They will go on 2 field trips a week and have splash day Fridays-- I think the kids will have a blast.  In the fall Will will go to a private Christian pre-school, they wear uniform and's going to be so cute :) Faith will go to an after school program where she will get to play and do homework (I'm not going to lie, I'm actually super excited someone else is going to be doing this part :) lol)

I think that's about all of the newness for now.  Thank you for those who have been praying the transition goes smoothly, those who haven't been, that would definitely be a way you could pray for us :)

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