Friday, April 1, 2011

7 Core Concepts for Connected Families By: Mimi Doe

1) Tolerance: Let the little things go.  You won't remember the weeds in the front yard ten years from now, but you might recall your nine-year-old daughter's laughter as you taught her how to throw a Frisbee--and she will too.  Tolerance is also understanding that those we love might have different pictures in their minds of how events should play out.

2) Time Together: This is what it's all about.  Get creative and harvest more of it for your family.  Place special time, grab an occasional moment, turn routine events into family participation, share your hobbies, take part in your children's interest.

3) Trial and Error: Never give up, continue to try new approaches for a deeper connection with your kids and your partner.  Adjust to your child's changing and interest.

4) Take It Out into the World: Practice compassion in action as a family.

5)Teach Less, Listen More: Honor each other's viewpoints and dreams--learn from your kids.

6) Tools for Living: Begin creating your  family's unique toolbox of beliefs.  Be specific about what beliefs and values make it into that box, why they are there and how your family can put them to use.

7) Total Love: You can't go wrong when you love deeply.  Never assume that your family knows how much you love them--show them often.

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