Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Not as planned...

Faith wanted Will and me to eat lunch with her today, but I knew I was going to have to run. So, I put Will in a stroller and ran to her school, to kill two birds with one stone. We ate lunch and had recess with her as usual. Then put Will back in the stroller to run home. In my mind we were going to go home and rest, because I am so tired from waking up at 3:30 yesterday morning. Once we got back to our neighborhood I decided to take the ‘long’ way home, which I never do. As I got close to my house I realized one of my neighbors’ yards was really high.
 This family, the husband in his late 30’s, has been battling brain tumors for a few years now. I was over talking to them on Sunday and he told me he would be going for more chemo on Thursday of this week and how he was trying to get as much around the house done as he could. This man has always been in such high spirits and so positive that it encourages me.
 Anyways, back to my run home, as I went past my neighbor (couple houses down) I felt God was telling me to mow their yard. Keep in mind, “my plan” was to go home and nap…so as I walked up to my house I told Will, okay, Mommy’s going to change we’re going to mow Cassidy’s yard (one of their daughter’s). He said okay, got his lawn mower and we went to mow. When I went to do the backyard I noticed their dog run to the back corner, so I made sure to shut the gate. Well, luck would have it that the lawn mower ran out of gas, so I went to my house to get more. As I was walking I noticed that their dog was all the way at the end of our street. So, I started running to try to get him to come to me. I asked Will what it’s name was and he said, “I know it’s a girl, but I don’t remember it’s name.” LOL. When the dog noticed I was chasing it, it ran faster. I was literally sprinting, before I knew it I was at the front of the neighborhood and there was no signs of her turning around…I thought, Oh crap, I left Will…haha…

So, I went back, we got the car, drove around, couldn’t find her.

So, we went back home so I could finish mowing the back yard. Once I was done and cleaned up after myself, I told Will to get Swiper and get in the car. I thought if I took another dog, maybe it would lure the other dog. Well, as I was driving down our street there was a girl riding her bike, I asked her if she had seen a pug…she said, yes, to the right. So, we ended up finding it, I got out to get it and it ran off the opposite way, so I turned around at this point, I said, Will, how about you get out and see if it will come to you…nope, ran off further. At this point there was a lady walking her dog trying to corner him for us, he ran into a cul de sac, so I thought I was going to have him, I put swiper (my dog) in the passenger seat, hopped out and slapped the door to hear yelping…yep, the door hit my dog, he was crying and pissing everywhere…COME ON!! So by the time I get him back in the car the dumb pug was on the run again…We literally drive right behind him ALL over the neighborhood until he went down a dead end street and ran to the end. I pulled over, got out and cornered him…picked the heavy dog up, praying fervently that he wouldn’t bite me….(I know the family, not their dog…) got her home, locked her back in the back yard all before the kids got home for school.

YAY! I don’t have to tell them I mowed their lawn. Thank you Jean and Tanya for praying so hard for me! I love y’all!!

Today SO did not go as I had planned, but I sure pray that the lawn will bless this family.

Please pray for:
*This man to heal completely!
*For the wife to catch a break, as she works full time and is worn out between work and her husband’s health
*For their two daughter’s (7 and 5)
*My dog to not be too injured, debating on taking him to the vet :(

Have a great day!

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  1. Took Swiper to the vet. He got a shot for swelling and just supposed to keep a close eye on him.