Sunday, April 10, 2011


Spring Soccer 2011

Team Houston
Faith started out on a younger team that was not challenging enough and was moved to a 1st and 2nd grade level she is plenty challenged.  The kids tower over her, but Coach told me Saturday that he loves the 'little ones' That Faith has tons of spunk and is aggressive "and that's what we need" lol...She has gotten close to making several goals but hasn't made one yet.  She has serious speed as a forward, but she prefers to play goalie or defender (full back). 

Team Salt Lake
Will has improved beyond explanation compared to the fall.  He's smoke'n hot now.  He LOVES soccer and is great at it! Last week he made 2 goals and this week he told us he wanted to make 4 1/2 this week...we kind of laughed it off, but he really did...he made 4 goals, then kicked the ball all the way to the goal and his team-mate kicked it we counted that one as his 1/2 :)

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