Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Our eventfull weekend began when we took Faith out of school for their friend's Easter party.  The kids got loaded up with sugar for the ride to Victoria :)
They always take great pictures with Daddy

Ready to hunt some eggs

Annoyed I would ask to take a picture while hunting eggs :) lol (They all could only get 12 anyways...)

Our little speedy gonzales

Ms. Thang looking at her cool stuff from Nannie and Papa

So sweet! Faith and her Great-Grandpa--Papa!

Pretty Girls! Faith and her Great-Grandma--Nannie

Will and Papa

Will loved the card Nannie and Papa gave him

Our little rockstar LOVED her new goggles!

Faith and her other Great-Grandpa--Poppy

Daddy and Faith

Faith and her cousin--Ansilee

Faith, Ansilee and their new cousin Avery

Meme and her girls...Avery made #10 for great-grandchildren

Ready to hunt eggs at Nana and Pa's
A little sad...we were missing our other 4 kiddos! :(

Big kid hunt...can get a little vicious :) lol

Since there were only 2 little kids...they hunted with the big kids...

Bella and Faith ready to hunt eggs
...notice Will is not in the picture, he said, "I don't wanna hunt anymore eggs...I'm tired of running" lol

Love this picture! Daron and his brother Stevie with their kiddos
Will, Daron, Faith, Bella, and Stevie

Mimi got in the mix...precious!

Mi Familia

Like I said earlier...they always take great pictures with him :)

Me and my Big Sexy!
Looks like we're at a tropical location, but it's my in-laws beautiful pool

Never too early to make a splash

Decided they'd get a little sun...

yippeeeee!!!  Our little dare-devil...

My precious boys worshiping during Easter service and Northside Baptist Church, Victoria, TX

This was the video they showed in Church on Sunday and it was such an awesome way to hear about the Easter story.  I laughed until I was crying (not about the story, but the way it was presented).  I hope you can enjoy it as much as we did.

We had such a wonderful weekend full of family and LOTS of food! 
Hope you and your family enjoyed your Easter weekend!

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