Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Breakfast in bed

Last week Faith kept talking about what all she was going to do for me next Mother's Day...she was going to make me breakfast and bring it to me in bed, etc.  Well, Daron said, why wait til next Mother's Day? You can do it anytime....Her face lit up and she got very excited.  She said okay, I'll do it Saturday...I said, well honey, I will be out of bed and running before you ever wake up and will be nasty when I get home, so how about Sunday.  She said that will work.  She asked me what I liked I said cinnamon toast (because I thought this would be the quickest least messy breakfast a 6 year old could make ) :) So she asked me how to make it, I told her the "lazy/rushed mom way" which is butter the bread, sprinkle mixed cinnamon and sugar, press into the butter (this is so it doesn't fall off, bc you'll love the next step) put it in the toaster...yep, that's how I roll, I put them in the toaster because it's so much faster...haha...Well, around 8:10 am she starts making breakfast (cinnamon toast-which I love) I'm patiently waiting in bed, around 8:50 I'm getting a little antsy because I now only have about 15 minutes to get ready for Church....when she brought me breakfast on a tray, my heart melted....You'll see why when you see the pictures below.
These were the directions she drew after I told her how during the week.  SO cute!!
Translation: 1) butter the bread, 2) sprinkle cinnamon and sugar, 3) press into butter, 4) put in toaster

I hopped out of be to get a quick picture of what she was doing...
Breakfast served to me in my "favorite coffee mug" she even had daddy go outside and cut me fresh roses.

Man, I am so blessed. I love my thoughtful, precious baby girl...sorry, I just had to brag about how awesome she is.  Have a great day!