Friday, July 29, 2011

Girls Weekend in New York

How our New York trip came about...So, it was Friday, evening (7/15) and Robin called to see if we wanted to meet them for Mexican food...we had already had dinner, but we love good company so we decided to meet their family there.  While we were at the restaurant, Ty, Robin's son, said, "Mrs. Shawna, I really like your shirt..." Which carried the conversation to where I had gotten the shirt...which was an H&M in Atlanta.  I listed off a few places where I knew there was an H&M, including New York, and Robin said, "You wanna go to New York?" I said, "UM, yeah, I've always wanted to go..." She looked at her husband, who works for Continental, and said, "Babe, when is the next flight?" He said 8:55 (it was 7:30), she then the next? He said 6:30 am...I said, let's do it! By the time we got home to book the flight was pretty full and it was going to be highly unlikely we make the flight, since we fly stand-by.  So, I said let's go next weekend...she said NO, I know you'll back out on me :) lol...I was like I totally promise I will go.  Next thing you knew we had a flight booked for the following Friday...and off we went on our adventure...
Robin and I flying to New York

We made the cab to Ryan's apartment

They took us to a local pizza parlor for dinner

Ryan getting his icee fix from 7eleven

Day 1: ready to go see the city (in front of Ryan & Britt's place)

Just like you see on the movies...this was the call list to get into the apartment

The elevator was SUPER slow and paused on floor 2 forever!

Please Lord, make sure we get outta here!

I wanted to do a cartwheel in Central Park :)

Not the cool one...

experiencing the subway for the first time

Grand Central Station

This was captured about 1 second before I slammed into the rail....haha, I swiped my card and walked through full force to realize my card had not swiped--made Robin laugh hysterically though, so I guess it was worth it :)

The buildings in view from the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge behind us

Ground Zero

New York Stock Exchange

George W.

I thanked him for protecting NYC....he seemed a little shocked

I tried on a $42,300 ring!! craziness....


Time Square

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enjoying a couple drinks, hoping our legs would quit hurting from all the walking...

Day 2: our legs were hurting so bad, we decided to take a cab to Empire State Building instead of money out to pay and saw this on the back of the dollar..."Help me Lord!" I think that's exactly how I was feeling too :) lol

Gorgeous Empire State Building

The closest I will get to her :)

The beautiful New York Public Library

on subway trying to get back to apt. to get luggage, but since there was an "emergency" the subway quit running, we had to get out and hail a cab...

Little Italy

Where we ate delicious Italian food!

My first time to have Gelato...we shared Mango and Raspberry--yum!

The following pictures adequately describes our weekend in New York...

Looking at the map trying to see where we need to go...

Well, I'm at these cross streets....

Hell, who knows...lets just keep walking, we'll eventually get there...
(which we did, but probably the reason we walked 30+ miles this weekend!)

Magellan??  No, we weren't so much :)

Wall Street Bull/Bowling Green Bull
("the oversize sculpture depicts a bull, the symbol of aggressive financial optimism and prosperity, leaning back on its haunches and with its head lowered as if ready to charge."  7,100lbs of bronze, 11 ft tall and 16 ft long)
Per Kay's request

...and I think I got second degree burns on my calves from the bronze that was scorching hot from the 115 degree weather...

New York grass...

My boy Ryan! Ryan is my friend from preschool, his dad married Daron and me...after college he moved to NY and we stayed with him and our other friends

Saturday night everyone went to dinner, I was too tired so I stayed at the apt. went to get a cup and as I was getting it out of the cabinet this large jar from behind the cup rolled out and shattered all over the ground...I was freaking out because it really did look cool, I txtd them and told them I had broke glass and to be careful coming in as I may not have gotten all the glass Sunday as we were leaving I was apologizing for breaking their stuff all to find out it was something from Ryan's lab that used to hold human plasma...Kerslake sterilized them and brought them home for water jugs (like the one in the picture above) Anywho, this disgusted the other roommates, they were cracking up and asking if I could break the rest of them :)

Friends from Victoria in NY...Kerslake, me, Ewing, and Brittany
Thank yall for letting us stay with yall!! 

Guys taking the stairs so we could get on the elevator with our suitcases, thanks!

I have a fear of being trapped in an elevator...was happy to get out :)

Sexy New York couple

Headed to the airport


  1. That's awesome that you are able to just go to New York like that! Looks like you guys had a great time!

  2. Honestly, it was all about timing...a week before or week after I wouldn't have been able to do it. It was great though!