Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Does it mean anything to you?

Let me give you the background on these shoes...We were out of town on a vacation and needed water shoes for Faith so we last minute stopped at a Walmart, ran in and these are what we found.  In my mind they weren't cute, but they were cheap and served the purpose...little did I know these would become her FAVORITE pair of shoes! She wanted to wear them everywhere and with everything...I swallowed my pride and let her wear them as often as she liked (for the most part) It got to the point where these shoes were 2 sizes too small, but she still wanted to wear them no matter what.  I took her to try to find a new pair of crocs, anything, and these were all she wanted.  Well, this year she went to Vacation Bible School at Sugar Land Baptist Church and they were to bring new necessities...well, Faith came home and said, "Mom, where are my crocs, I have to give them to someone who doesn't have shoes." I knew they were supposed to be bringing new stuff, but talked to the Children's Minister and she said absolutely let her bring them.  So, Faith with open arms and heart on her own will donated her very most favorite pair of shoes.  See for Faith, it didn't mean anything to donate toothpaste or toothbrush...she wanted to give something that was so special--that's true sacrifice.  I learn so much from my children.  Anyways, I had planned on keeping these shoes and putting them in a box for stories when she got older, but since she selflessly gave them away I took a picture to put in her baby book.

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