Monday, August 20, 2012

Family Cultural Night-Ninja

Each time we go out to eat with the kids we always give them the "kids meal" options...
At the beginning of the summer we decided we were going to start letting the kids pick which culture they want to learn a little bit about and try their food. The one rule is: you must try something new--NOTHING off the kids menu, no burgers, hot dogs, mac n cheese, etc, you get the point... 

Faith's first pick was Japanese.
Ninja is a new restaurant right near our house that we decided to take them to.
June 9, 2012

They bring out warm cloths to wipe your hands and face with.
Gyoza = delicious!
(Pan-fried dumplings served with ponzu sauce)
Chop sticks??? I think I'll just stab it!
airplane maybe?

Main course:
Lettuce Wrap Roll (Boiled shrimp, snow crab & avocado)
Tiger Eye Roll (smoked salmon, cream cheese, jalapeno inside wrapped in seaweed tempura style, outside wrapped with soybean paper)

She did really well with her chopsticks

Willie eating Lettuce roll

Both kids tried everything. We were so proud of them. They both agreed it was a fun experience, but they don't love Japanese food like their mommy does! :)

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