Monday, August 20, 2012


We have had a very eventful summer. This has been my first summer that I have worked full time so it has had it's challenges with CHANGE :) You know, the one thing we all love--ha!
June 4th--1st day of daycare
Of all the 'parts' of summers I have worked we have had a nanny in the home, this year we decided to use a nearby daycare. The first day we took the kids there were some changes made that did not make our little man too happy...We are in the last week and they are both MORE than ready to go back to school.

this is pretty  much how Will has felt about daycare this summer
June 16th
My little cousins birthday party
We had a wonderful time at my aunt's house and the kids had a blast splashing in the pool
We love our Mandy!
Sights of an early morning country run
My parent's land
God bless America
Late evening run with my sister

Thanks to my mom and Fallon for watching the kids
while I went and played with the boys!

 The country is so get to target practice,
fish, hang with siblings and little rascals...
what more could you ask for!

Family time at the pool

We spent a lot of time in the one point I turned around and busted out laughing at all the cups that were just sitting on the seat o_0
The kids were creative with their baby dolls

Made a dentist visit~all was well

My spunky daughter!
Yes, we cool-aid dyed her hair red!

Willie had too much fun

Loving on my daddy on Father's day!
I'm so blessed and pray I have many more years to sit in his lap!

Will learned how to ride my childhood four-wheelers

Uncle Vince loving and being loved by the kiddos

This is just a very small glimpse of our fun-filled summer!
~Be blessed

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