Tuesday, August 21, 2012

National Conference-Vegas

June 18-22, 2012
National Conference

upon arriving I was starving and thought I'd map the nearest Chick fil a
ONLY 1,966 miles away! LOL

Thought these coke machines were really cool

The center of our hotel

My room


The strip

View from my room

Had a nice conversation with the street evangelism Church

The last night to wrap up our conference we had a Gala:
A Night With The Stars
Michael and Lucy
(my boss)

This woman is one of the most amazing people I have ever met!
I just love her!!

Had a great time listening to Elvis!

Taylor (L) and Ariel (R)
are my favorite customer service people EVER!!
They know ALL the answers! :)

The next few ladies are other Vest Assistants.
Really enjoyed meeting other people that do the same thing as I do
and learning from them.

I know, I know...many people ask if I even worked. YES, I was in classes most parts of everyday...I'm obviously not going to take pictures of my seminars...boring :) LOL

This was a really great learning opportunity. I feel really blessed to have been able to go learn and network with so many other amazing people.

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