Monday, August 20, 2012

Jamie Grace - God Girl (Lyric Video)

Faith was blessed to meet a sweet little girl named Hannah in her class last year. They became great friends...little did we know she was "a preacher's daughter" Amen!! We felt blessed that she met a Godly little girl.

Hannah invited Faith to Girl's Summer Church Camp with Rosenberg Baptist Church.
Texas Baptist Encampment in Palacios
(I went there when I was a kid!) :)

I felt so blessed that Hannah's Mom was there to capture some photos and later in the week my mom surprised her!

 Beautiful group of girls
 Faith and Hannah doing a devotion

 So much fun!
 My gorgeous little girl!
 YAY! Nana came!!

What did Faith learn from camp?
"Life is a race--a marathon. Each day we train for the big event and we will have ups and downs but the prize is at the finish line, that's heaven!"

The girls camp song~LOVE IT!!

I feel so blessed to have a "God Girl!"
I love my little Faithy poo!

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