Monday, August 1, 2011

Lake Medina

This weekend we went on our annual "river trip" considering the water was slow low we opted to go camping at Lake Medina in Bandera, Texas.  I must say, it was a fabulous decision.  Here are some pictures we captured of our weekend.

This is what it looked like when we arrived 10 am Saturday morning...rainy, gloomy :( but we weren't going to let it 'rain on our parade'...

deer were every where in the park, not scared of humans at all

sitting in the truck hoping for rain to stop
Me, Kristen, and Summer

Me and my girl...and yes, I am holding an entire lemon cake...and eating it with my fingers, that's what you do on vaca, right? lol!

Stevo and Ash

Oh well, lets just hang out in the rain and make the most of it...
Kristen, Amanda, and Summer

Stevie and Daron

I wonder who will win the staring contest??

Lets move closer to the water...

Time for a boat ride

finally! The weather is breaking off!
Daron and Burger

Kristen and Amanda (with her diaper) :)

Burger ready to float

Amanda and Kristen

The gang floating

Amanda and me

Amanda and Burger

Don't worry guys...I have my floatation device!
(I was actually just cold)
Me, Kristen, and Stevie in the background

Daron decided he'd just take a ride back...don't think the float held up too well

Me and Ashley

Daron and me

Do you see the brightness?? Yeah you're right...the sun came out!
Ashley and Amanda

Captain Burger, Ashley and Amanda

Dulock, Kristen and Summer feeding the deer peanuts :)

The Burger's!

The Dulock's

Amanda and Summer waiting on the men to cook dinner

view from camp

The day started dreary and ended beautiful and sunny!

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