Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 2...

This morning, Will could have won the World's most excuses award....It all started when I was getting Faith ready for school.  He woke up, but was still in his be and said, "mom, I don't want to go to school"...I said "OK" just so I wouldn't have to argue...well he hops up, goes and tells Faith, "Mommy said I didn't have to go to school today"...I was like, "no I didn't"...then he went to Daron, "Mommy said I didn't have to go to school today"...I was like I did not say that! He said, "you said 'ok'...I'm going to work with you."  I said, "no your not, you're going to school."  He said, "No, I went yesterday." I said, "yep and you are going to go everyday from now on."  He said, "NO it's boring!" I said, "what would you do if you went to work with me?" He said, "sit in a chair..."  I said, "all day?" "Yes"....I said, "that would be pretty're going to go play with your friends."  He said, "no, they have to take naps....I do too."  I said, "well you can just lay there, you don't have to sleep."  He said, "well the teacher rubs my back." I said, "cool, you love your back being rubbed!"  He said, "NO I don't, I did when I was a baby."  I said, "well then, why did you ask me to rub your back last night??" He said, "because your mommy."  I said, "so you want me to tell them not to rub your back?" He said "yeah"

oh gosh...I could go on and on with the bologna he pulled this morning...sure hope that doesn't keep up!  Haha, so when I dropped him off at school all the teachers greeted him by name.  I pulled one to the side and informed her he was not excited about being there today...she smiled and said, non of the kids are lol...I asked if she would please tell whichever teacher to not rub his back during nap time (unless he asked).  They thought it was funny and while I was talking to her, Will looked up at me and said, "bye mom, I love you!"

Wow, that was awesome! So glad he didn't cry, but he sure did put me through the ringer...

And as for Faith, she was sweet little princess, got ready without a hitch, ate breakfast and was excited to ride the bus for the first time this year :)


  1. I never "wanted" to go to school my whole school life. I went, couldn't wait to graduate. Hopefully he will not follow my path. Most don't so I do think he will be just fine. Still very young,...has a LONG way to go. I know you are enjoying it, we all did.

  2. Oh gosh Mr. S, I sure hope it's not forever, however this morning he was trying to convince me all over again as to why he shouldn't go and should go to work with me...the funniest part is he is so happy and having a blast when I pick him up...such a stinker