Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 1...

Faith and Will were so excited about school.  We woke up in time to eat breakfast at the table, dress, and even watch a little TV...yeah that's pretty awesome in the Moulton household...Daron went in late so he could take the kids to their class with me.  We dropped Faith off first for her first day of first grade at Frost Elementary, walked her in, she was so excited.  She found out she had a few of her really good friends in her class--hopefully she wont get in trouble with that.  Will gave her big hugs!

Then we went to take Will to school at St. John's School For Little Children.  He walked straight over to the toys and began to play. 

Faith and Will were both so brave and went to school great.  It always makes it easier on mama if they aren't kicking and screaming when you leave them.

After work I picked Will up first.  He was so excited to introduce me to one of his friend, Lucas.  Once we got in the car he told he had a good day.  He slept during nap time because he was tired.  I asked him if he made new friends, he said, "yeah, 3!" I said, "Wow, what are their names?" "Diego, Lucas, and....ummmm...(with a squinty face)....I can't remember his name....ummm...oh yeah, Will." (LOL that's a hard one to remember)  He continued by telling me their mom's names (I guess we were worthy to be talked about at school) He said they went on a walking field trip and road motorcycles, but not to worry because he wore a helmet--he was safe...he also road on a you can see he definitely used his imagination :) I asked if he learned anything...he said, "yes," I said, "did you work on your 'letters'?" He said, "yeah, "1,2,3,4,7,9..." Oh great son! Those are numbers....gosh--I love it, I was cracking up all the way to pick Faith up.

We got to Faith's school, picked her up...once in the car I asked how her day was...she was telling me about it as Will was trying to talk over her to tell her how is day was...I told him he had a turn, lets listen about hers and then he could tell her what all he had done.  Faith told us mainly about her teacher and how she was a grandma and about her grand kids...I asked her if she learned anything, "No." "really? Yall didn't learn today?"  "uhhhhhhh yeah, but nothing specific MOM!  You know, just like math and science..." "Okay, cool..." By this time Will was about to come unglued because he so badly wanted to tell Faith about his day, so we gave him a turn...he told her about his "motorcycle and firetruck ride" and in the most unenthused voice, Faith said, "Whatever Will! You did not!" So of course the arguing and bickering began...and I spoke up and said, honey, in his mind he did...

Love my kiddos!  Glad they had a wonderful first day!

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