Wednesday, September 12, 2012

10 Year High School Reunion

Victoria/Stroman/Memorial High School
Class of 2002

10 Year Reunion
June 30, 2012
The Oak Room, Victoria, Texas

Last minute Daron and I decided to drive down to Victoria for my 10 year reunion. I'm glad we did! It was a great time seeing old friends!
I married my high school sweetheart!
He may have already been out of high school, but he is a huge part of my high school memories!
Love you honey!

So much fun! 
in the middle: Laura Westerman: became great friends in middle school
on the right: Rachel Schmitt: my cheer leading buddy! Lots of great memories with her family

on the left: Alicia Fowler, we have been friends since middle school

Chelsea and I met in high school

Meredith and I have grew up in the same Church since we were born!

Cole and guys!

Megan (Matt's wife)

My freshman homecoming date!
Love the Rush boys!

Kelly enjoyed classes together in school, our siblings were friends and she lived down the street from Daron! :)

Sarah Walling, such a sweet friend!
Didn't get pictures with everyone...had a wonderful time and so glad I went!
Best wishes over the next 10...really can't wait to go to that one! 

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