Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Stevie & Ashley's Bach parties/rehearsal/wedding/reception

This past summer was very eventful with my brother-n-law's engagement/wedding.
Lots of fun and laughter

July 6-8, 2012
We went to Jeremiah and Kristen's (cousin's) in San Antonio and began our co-bach parties

When we are all together, there's plenty of laughter!


Ashley's sister, Karlie

"controlled" fighting :) Stevie was teaching Chris a few moves
Bride and Groom-to-be

Card game? Sure!

Saturday we went to San Marcos for our "adventurous" day of floating

part of our adventure...and NO it did not hold air lol

Bridal Portrait of Ashley
Rehearsal time!
 Rehearsal dinner at La Hacienda, Victoria, Texas

Most of Ashley's sisters


Kristen & Jeremiah

David & Brandi

Summer & Chris

D & Me

I did her hair...thanks youtube!

My mother & father-n-law

I love that Jeremiah and loving on Will! Not sure if this was pre or post ant attack ??

praying for the couple

Ashley's family


silly cousins

I love my baby girl


my brother-n-law

LOVE her hair!

Moulton/Carson Family

~Sent them off with off with sparks"

 So maybe it didn't go as planned...or maybe it wasn't even planned...not sure lol
Just Married


Marcus & Stephen

Aunt Rhonda, Grandma Carson and Helen

Jeremiah & Uncle Dan

~Happily Ever After~

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