Wednesday, September 19, 2012

9 Year Anniversary

9 Year Anniversary
August 9, 2003-2012

I am beyond blessed to wake up next to my best friend each morning!
He is an amazing husband, wonderful father, provider, and so much more.
Thank you Jesus for blessing me with Daron!

For our anniversary we wanted to try something new...
Daron found a wonderful Turkish/Mediterranean place that was amazing!

elevator from parking garage was so shaky that light bulbs literally came out and shattered,
for those of you who know me~I have never been an elevator fan!!

Was so nice to enjoy cooler than usual weather in August.
We would have never been able to do this on our 112 degree wedding day.

I love this man more today than I did 9 years ago!

Seriously amazing food!
Chicken, beef and lamb

don't forget the weggies....aka veggies


I encourage you to all try this wonderful place!
Turquoise Grill and Bar
The owner/cook personally went over the menu with us~super friendly people!

Since kids were in Colorado, we continued our anniversary weekend in Austin.
Enjoying breakfast outside in the amazing weather

wonderful way to end the weekend!
Funny story behind the flag-a guy was sitting outside restaurant 'giving' flags away (for donations).

Daron dropped me off at the door I declined upon walking in.
Daron comes in a few minutes later with a flag...I said, how much did you give him? He said he handed it to me and I walked in...I thought it was hysterical that Daron didn't even think anything of him!

Our anniversary celebrations were just wonderful--no other person I would rather be with!
~Our happily ever after~

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