Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Colorado fun with cousins

This summer the kids had a wonderful opportunity to travel to Colorado with my mom and spend some time at my grandparent's house and at their cousins.
Thank you so much mom for making this trip possible!
It will be a trip the kids will always remember!
view from my grandma's living room window

Skip bo time...childhood game I love
Have many memories playing cards with Mandy and Nannie...
wish I could have been there to join in on a hand!

my parents (sister and cousin) are brave souls to take all the kids rafting
MANY memorable stories~Faith tells them best! :)

Hiking time
Nana and Brannan at the top of the mountain

from what I was told, Will is not a fan of hiking! :)

Precious cousins!

rescued a bunny at Nana's

hanging outside painting


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