Monday, December 6, 2010

Disney World

This year over Thanksgiving our family went to Disney World, Orlando, Fl. All 14 of us (Huff's, Nana, Nannie, Mandy, Aunt Kay, and our family) hooked 'em out to Orlando and spent a week in the "happiest place on Earth." LOL....

This was Daron and Will's first time to go. I could hardly wait to see their reaction...they both loved it! We spent the week of Thanksgiving there, which was bitter/sweet considering all of the family was not there.

My family, Mom, Kay and most of Fallon's kids shared a joining room. It was wonderful to see the little cousins scurry from one room to the other, hopping up and down bunk bed, making plenty of noise...I love to see them play together, they are the best of friends!
The first two days we spent at Magic Kingdom, 3rd-Hollywood, 4th-Animal Kingdom and Hollywood, 5th-Epcot and Magic Kingdom

Each night I would ask the kids what their favorite part was about each day and this is what they had to say....Will-enjoyed the stunt show at Hollywood the most (I loved it too...I wanted to be in the car doing the stunts with them). Faith-LOVED The Tower of Terror, Space Mountain, and Thunder Mountain, those were Daron's favorite too. My favorite things were It's a Small World and Peter Pan because it reminded me of my childhood...Also, the first night we stayed for the parade and firework show...I teared up when the fireworks started because I realized how cool it was that I had 'my' family at Disney World. I was privileged as a child with my parents and grandparents taking me on such wonderful trips...but it was so wonderful to see my children able to enjoy what we always did as a child.

I noticed this trip that my equilibrium is not what it used to be...I LOVE roller coasters and anything fast, but it seemed this time each time I would get off I would feel a little light headed and nauseated...

Bentley, Faith, and I went on Splash Mountain, we were on the ride, going through the tunnel about to go off the drop, the ride stopped, we waited for 30 minutes for the ride to resume, of course I left my phone at the stroller, when staff members came and escorted us off the ride. :(

Daron joked with my mom one night that he thought it was comical how he had never seen so many children crying in strollers and parents yelling in his life and how it was the happiest place on mom laughed and said, I think you have been there a couple of times this week-we agreed :)

Overall, we had the most fabulous time and will has this memory for a lifetime!

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