Monday, December 6, 2010

Huntsville State Park

I found a piece of paper on my desk a while back with some scribble on it...I read it and it was from when we went camping back in September at Huntsville State Park. I learned in school to write down things that I want to remember. As much as I wish I could say I do this all the time, I can't...however, I did on this trip and I am SO glad I did not throw away this piece of paper!

When we arrived at the park it was raining, so we decided to check in, go look at our campsite, then head to Huntsville for dinner. We knew that the rain would be dying down soon and this would be a good time to get a good meal in before camping. So, we headed to town and ate at Margaritas Mexican Restaurant. While we were looking at the menu you saw something and thought it was quiet funny: "Thank you for teaching your children how to enjoy eating in a restaurant without disturbing the other customers around you." Well, luckily our kids were well-behaved that night and we were in a corner :)

Once we were done with dinner we went back to the campgrounds to meet Stevie and Bella. The rain has stopped, so we went to our site and noticed the electricity was not working. So, Daron and Stevie decided to leave me with the 3 kids alone in the dark in what Will would call a "cage" He looked a couple campsites over where there were lights and said, "Mommy, I wanna stay in that cage!"

While Daron and Stevie went to tell someone our lights didn't work, Will asked, "How are they going to fix the lights?" I said, "Your daddy's just going to put a new light bulb in..." He said with a serious voice, "How? My daddy's not tall..." bahahahaha!!

Then the kids started talking about what they were going to do if a mean guy came in:
Will: I'm going to hit him with my flash light!
Faith: I'm going to kick him in the wiener!
Bella: I'm going t karate chop them!

Yep...this was all in the first 30 minutes at the campsite...gotta love little ones...We had such a wonderful time camping and would definitely go back to Huntsville State Park, it was gorgeous and the weather was awesome!

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