Monday, November 7, 2011

Fort Bend County Fair Day

Ft. Bend County Fair Parade
Friday, September 23, 2011

Each year LCISD gives students this day off to kick off the Ft. Bend County Fair.  On Friday morning they have a parade that runs along Highway 90 in Richmond into Rosenberg.  We have gone the past three years and the kids have a blast. 

Faith petting a minature pony

McGuire and Moulton kiddos ready for the parade to start

cutie pie Chasey poo!

Will loved this one...not sure if it was the big tires or the pretty to say, probably BOTH!  :)

Will, Liam and Faith enjoying the parade

They saw something really cool!

Uncle Scott passing out candy

people in the parade throw out candy...Will had been sitting a while and got up (yes he had been sitting on all those suckers) We said son, you been eating some suckers? He said, "NO, those aren't mine." ahaha....right, okay!

Daddy took off this was a fun family day!

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