Monday, November 14, 2011

San Antonio 1/2 Marathon

How this came about...

Last year I ran the San Antonio Rock 'n Roll 1/2 Marathon with my Mom and sister...had the most amazing experience EVER and having NO intentions of running it again :) My mom called me over Spring Break and asked me if I was thinking about it? I said, "No." She texted me about 10 minutes later telling me she had registered me :) I began casually running again. 

The beginning of April I was walking the kids to a friends house in the neighborhood.  On our way there was a "lady" (Robin) and her son (Ty) that I had met walking around the neighborhood before.  We began talking about exercising, losing weight, yadayada....I told her "my story," and then told her how my mom had signed me up to run the 1/2 again, that if she wanted to work out with me that it would be cool to have a partner...Robin talked to her husband (Chris) that night and we started working out on Good Friday, April 22nd.  We have worked out fairly consistently meeting before the sunrises each morning running, biking, boot camp, Jillian Michael's....and through the vigorous workouts, all the early morning "I don't wanna wake ups..." has flourished into an awesome friendship. 

Robin, thank you for running this race with me! Even though I ran the 1/2 last year and felt amazing...this year took me to a new level.  It was the hardest thing I have ever done.  The heat and the pain had me wanting to quit and because of you, your positive attitude, and our family we were able to endure and finish.  I appreciate you and I'm so proud of your accomplishment!

Since April 22, 2011 we have ran 191.71 miles,
biked 149.45 miles and walked 55.26 miles

Robin and me at the Expo

Chris and Robin

My biggest fan!

What we've been working finally here

Robin is such a good friend....she so didn't want to pose like this with me...but you know me, I had to! LOL

My rock star finishing! :)

Those of you who know my precious husband, KNOW this was an act of love to wake up early on a weekend to watch me run ;)

Stopping to stretch before we enter the crowd

andddd...there's the crowd

it's pretty difficult to get a picture without people walking in front of you, but I'm corral 19

We look so fresh :)
here we go...we're in

I have no idea what we thought was so funny, but thought this picture was awesome!

Daron waiting for us to start

So this picture was take RIGHT in front of the Alamo, while running...never looked to see how it came out...oh well, there's the ground of the Alamo in the background :) lol

This is around mile 3, we're still smiling

around mile 8
Mile 10...this is where I was ready to quit!
Thanks Mom and Fallon for your supportive text messages to keep me going!

Clearly not having fun anymore...thought it is hysterical these faces were captured in a picture

mile 10....trying to suck it up

smiling after giving ourselves a pep talk on how we were at least going to finish

Yes, I did stop to this point I was so far behind my goal, I quiet frankly didn't care if I crawled to the finish line...better yet, when's that wagon going to come clear people off the!

Oh praise Jesus! There's an end in sight!

We freak'n did it!

Was SO happy he was there to watch me! He saw us at 3 different places during the race and was at the finish.  Thanks babe for coming and supporting me through the months of training. I love you!

Our hand were swollen as heck!

Even ran into my lil. sis. friend, Lena at the finish

Vince Neil, former Motley Crew

made it back to the hotel, now wanna crash!

preparing for my ice bath

3 ice chest full of ice, 15-20 minutes later...still in pain today.

Endomondo Running Workout: was out running 13.33 miles in 3h:04m:09s using Endomondo
Now that was not my goal time by any means...actually 34 minutes longer than my goal time, but you know I'm going to own all 3h:04m:09s of that 1/ was hard and I'm proud of it!

If you have always wanted to do something, anything, start with baby steps TODAY! I NEVER thought I would EVER run a 1/2 marathon, let alone 2! You can ask anyone that knows me well, I've never had a desire to run, but my mom and sister planted a seed last year (my sister actually for years) and has continued to motivate and support me. 

I look forward to continuing to be healthy, casually running short distances, cycling, boot camps, weights, etc, but I think for now I'm going to give my body a little break.  I have deep down in me that one day I would like to run a full marathon (I think)...but like having a baby...I'm going to have to forget this race a little bit before I can think of getting the crazys to run a full!

A huge thanks to:
~Daron for your love and support throughout the entire training season
~Robin for being my partner, friend, and therapist while training! :)
~Mom and Fallon for your motivation and support to help me complete this race
~Helen for watching the kids while Daron and I were out of town for the weekend
~My bosses for their love, support, prayers, and encouragement
and all my family and friends who have been here for me and prayed for me!

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