Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Halloween was a fun weekend for us.  Saturday soccer games, then for ice cream with Faith's team, then her Coach to them to The Children's Museum and the Fire Station (he's a firefighter).  Sunday we went to Faith United Methodist Church's Fall Festival....Finally Monday, we went to the Grant, Aiden, and Stone's house for a Halloween party before we came home to go trick or treating...the night ended with the sweetest treat of all, Daron came home early from a business trip!!
Will proud of his big pumpkin

Faith took a little more time doing hers, it got dark so it's a little hard to see

Did Faith's nails in orange and black with some stickers

Will was SUPER excited our neighbor let him get on his motorcycle

Faith like it too, but didn't want me to take a picture :)

Will hustling (he's in the blue on the left)

He likes being goalie (even though I personally think he's better at a forward) :)

get'n low for the ball

Marble Slab
Faith and a couple of her teammates our for ice cream
(Faith, Mikayla, and Carina)

Will, Isaiah, and Oscar (Carina's brothers/Coach's boys)

Houston Children's Museum

Fire Station

Us girls miss'n daddy...sent him a picture

geared up, ready to climb

Jessel Halloween Party

Faith and Stone

Grant, Aiden, and Will

Thanks Mrs. Rochelle for the yummy cupcakes!

Will, Mommy and Faith out trick or treating

This was Will's bag....yep, there's a of our neighbors was only handing out money!
Faith said, "I'm going to remember this house for next year!" LOL

Daddy coming home was the best treat of the entire night!

This is Will's after Halloween costume sell--pretty cool!

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