Monday, November 7, 2011


October 2, 2011

We took the kids to SeaWorld in October and it was AWESOME!! There were hardly any people there so we went on each ride 2-3 times without any wait.  They also had it decorated for Halloween.  They even had a section where the kids could go trick-or-treating.  I would highly recommend you take your family next October.  The weather was fantastic, overall, it was fabulous!

Last time we came to SeaWorld over spring break the lines to feed the dolphins were terrible! This time there was not wait and the kids were thrilled they were going to get to feed the dolphins!
(truth be known...mommy was super excited too!)

Yep, I have a silly girl who ran in the lawn to take a picture like this

Shamu 4 times in a row!

Sure, I'll have a seat too :)

This is where trick-or-treating began

Since there were no lines, Daron and I decided to take turns doing the adult rides! So fun!

Faith's favorite ride! Atlantis

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