Thursday, November 17, 2011

The things kids say...

These are just a few things my kids have said this week that totally crack me up!

It was dinner time on Monday night and I was just about done, so I told the kids to go wash their hands in the bathroom.  Will came back in about 20 seconds and Daron said, "there's no way you washed your hands that use soap?"  Will said, "no, I didn't use soap....................or water." Daron and I about lost it....I was laughing uncontrollably, Daron was too!  We just thought that was so funny...he went and washed his hands for real after that~silly boy!

That same night, after dinner, I was cleaning the kitchen.  Daron and the kids were laying on the living room floor playing Guess Who, one of Faith's new birthday games.  We had just been teaching them how to play and they were going back and forth asking each other questions....Will guessed one person and Faith blurts out, "NO, I'm MORON!"  Daron and I busted out laughing! I can't even remember what the real name was now, but it was a letter or two off moron~silly girl!

Monday Daron and I took the day off, mainly for me to get rested from the 1/2 marathon and for us to hang out another day before he started traveling again.  So, we took the kids to school together that morning.  As usual dropped Faith off first then took Will.  We both walked him in hugged and kissed and left (I was in workout clothes so I'm sure I looked a little unusual compared to most days).  Then Tuesday Daron took Will to school on his way to work, so yesterday was my first day to take Will to school by myself this week.  As I was signing him in a teacher who often greets me came up with a huge smile....she said, I asked Will on Monday, "Your mommy taking the day off?"  He said......."Yes, cuz she was running coupons at the store."  She apparently told Daron when he dropped Will off on Tuesday and he explained that I had ran a half marathon.  I laughed all the way to work thinking about Will telling his teachers that.  Even when I dropped him off this morning the teachers brought it back up, they were cracking up that he thought I was at the store...I was like well, I am kind of a mean mom...I go into the store with a list and coupons to go along with my list, we get what's on the list, very rarely anything else, usually in a hurry....guess he thought that's what I was doing LOL!~silly boy

I am blessed beyond measure to have two amazing kiddos that are the light of this World.  They make me laugh so hard! I love them!

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