Monday, November 7, 2011

Papa Moulton's 80th Birthday

Papa, Daron's grandpa, turned 80 September 27, 2011.  We got most of the family together to celebrate the weekend before. 

Papa looking at the book we made him with pictures from his childhood all the way til now.
The grandkids taking a look

Colson, Daron's cousin's son

Bella and Faith

Colson, Will and Faith--such a sweet picture

Ashley and Stevie

Kristen, and me

Jess, me, and Kristen

The Ladies.....and Willie

I love that even though we live in such a technologically advanced World, our kids can still have fun playing with dirt :)

Faith and her Great Grandpa, Papa

Faith and her Great Grandma, Nini

Jessica and Colson

Nini and Daron

Papa and Daron

Papa taking a break before heading back in the house

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