Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Labor Day

Yes, I know...I'm over a month behind on blogging, but better late than never.  My sister and her family visited Texas over Labor Day.  It is the LONGEST we have ever gone without seeing each other and the kids seeing each other (8 months!!)   As you well know, in eight months, kids grow like crazy.  It was so fun having all the little munchkins together!

Brannan growing up so fast!

Little monkeys

Brannan enjoying playing in the sand with Pa

Brannan loved Daron...he would just crawl up and cuddle :)

blurry, but walked in the playroom and the girls were lined up on an air mattress doing each others cute!

a taste of what it's like at dinner time with 6 kids :)

I love that we all cram around this childhood table still

Pa and Uncle Vince built a zip line into the pond....this is Bentley

Jason putting us all on--Payton's turn


there he goes

of course mama had to try it out!

This was the first day we got there, they were so excited to see each other!

The girls meeting Nana's new dog, Rosa

We're at Nana's we live outside...the kiddos in the treahouse

Scrappy lil. Brannan

Madelyn giving Papa love

Pa getting Willie's sugar....yes, we are a very lovey family if you haven't already noticed

He was NOT going to miss out on any of the fun, it was so funny watching him slide

uh oh...Pa's about to get some sugar...look at those pretty blue eyes

Pretty girls!

That's the "frog pot" yes, dozens of frogs live in that pot and the kids LOVE digging them out, putting them in buckets, they just have the best time

Uncle Vince and Brannan playing with remote control car

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This picture just cracks me up...he was having so much fun with that car

Brannan getting started on ice cream early...

Pa looks like he's about to pass out from all the

hot, silly, sweaty...we're at Nana and Pa's!!

Brannan wearing his great-grandpa (Papa Brannan's) sunglasses

who knew...Pa's a human jungle gym

My lil. Madelyn Grace and me

getting some wet kisses from my lil. man....I'll take 'em!

silly Brannan and Aunt Kay

ready to go 4-wheel'n
gorgeous Haley!

He looks pretty serious here

going out back...

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Fallon, Papa and Nannie

Uncle Vince fearing his life letting Haley drive

I got off to take a picture above this, when I turned around Haley was taking off...Fallon was still in the passenger seat trying to get Haley's foot off the

The grass was rubbing his leg, so I guess he thought if he pulled his pants up it wouldn't touch him??? not sure

towing one in

I love that they are all piling on and Madelyn is holding onto Rosa...

more ice cream...

good morning, it's breakfast time...we get fed so well when we're home!

this was so funny...Rosa was chewing on the end of the jump rope and Brannan was running around making her chase him.

another round of riding time

sneaky boys...

water and frogs...

all those buckets have frogs under them

that wasn't even 1/2 of them

swimming at Nannie and Papa's

Nana's daily mule rides

Poppy and Haley

Meme and Haley

Bentley and Meme

Nannie and Brannan out for a scooter ride

my precious grandparents

Pa and Uncle Vince built a treahouse and another zip line

very high tech...Unc. Vince catches them before they hit the tree :)

The boys after a day of building zip lines and treehouses

my pretty sister

my brotha Jason

Payton and prissy Haley

You know you're a redneck when....

"yeah, I think this otta hold this side of the zip line down"

" the other side ready"

Brannan's cruise'n around
 What kids cracked up on sugar look like :)
They're all in time out for being too loud after putting Brannan to bed
Looking at Halloween Costumes
Fallon and me
My sweet Madeline!
Uncle Jason and Willie
My Daddy
Bentley is 10 and tall!
Sweet Haley
Vince and Fallon
 My Favorite Brother!!
He was such a good boy taking these pictures :)
Pa and Brannan
Nana, Pa, and the kiddos!
Haley giving hugs good-bye...these are never fun :(
Mama and Me
Uncle Vince and Faith take'n a ride on the tractor

It was such an awesome time getting to see my little boys and girls-3 weekends in a row, what a treat! I can't wait for Thanksgiving so I can see them again.  

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