Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day @ The Moulton's

Then we got ready and we headed over to Papa and Nini's (Moulton's) where we gave Nini her present and visited a moment. She updated us on how Papa was doing (he was put in the hospital on Christmas Eve). He had to get a pacemaker put in on Monday, but is still having some problems with his blood pressure dropping and passing out--so please keep him in your prayers.

Sunday evening Daron, Stevie, Ashley, and I went up to the hospital to visit Papa (Moulton) he was as ornery as usual :) They have been trying to get him to eat and he has NO interest. I sat there for almost an hour forcing down a 1/4 of his Ensure...oh well, I guess a 1/4 more than he would have drank if we weren't there :) lol.  He was able to go home on Tuesday, but had another spell on Wednesday and is now back in the hospital.  We went and visited him today and he didn't look as good as he did Sunday...hopefully we'll be able to get some answers soon.  Please keep him in your prayers.

We are blessed!

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