Thursday, December 1, 2011

Elf on the shelf

This is our first year to use elf on the shelf.  On Tuesday night we sat down as a family and read the book.  They decided to name him Twinkle (twin-cole) obviously Faith wanted Twinkle and Will wanted a boy name so she got Twin and Will got Cole--Twinkle lol...

So if you don't know how the elf works...each night he flies back to the North Pole to report to Santa how the kids were and returns each morning in a new spot.  As the book says, they are not allowed touch him or he will lose his magical power to fly back and tell Santa and he can not talk to them, but they can talk to him as much as they want...

Day 1: kids talking to him
Will: I want an iPod Touch....and a girlfriend (when he saw me looking at him he grinned and said, "just kidding!" and went to his room! LOL!

Faith was whispering so I'm not sure what she told him.

Day 2:
We need daddy to come home and put him in cool places like this one

Day 3: he was sitting on Daron's chair.  He's out of town so I figured it would be a safe spot since Daron is out of town...
What a nice place...NOT

well tonight I was on the phone with my grandpa, Faith was doing her homework and Will was looking at the book. I was facing the other way and I immediately heard them both start hysterically I tried to shorten my conversation with  my grandpa I looked down and noticed Twinkle laying on the ground.  Will was crying out, "I didn't mean to!" Apparently he bumped the elf off the chair and they were SO sad he had lost his magical powers to go back to Santa and they wouldn't get what they wanted for Christmas anymore.  I'm not going to lie, I was laughing so hard in my head.  I mean it was sad they were sad...but it was just a funny situation.  I said, "yall didn't touch him, so he didn't lose his powers...after yall go to bed he will fly back to Santa and come back tomorrow."  It took at least 15 minutes to convince them it was okay and calm them down.  One thing for sure is this will be in my memory bank for the rest of my life...I can't wait to retell this story when they are in high school.  hahaha!!
Elf down....elf down...

The Elf has reported to tomorrow's duty (since mommy is tired) So he will sit on daddy's counter tomorrow...hopefully there will be no tragedies :)


  1. hahaah so funny. I think mine would touch him. clarissa

  2. This seriously cracked me up!!! I can totally see that happening in our house too. ~Chelsea