Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas @ The Sandidge's

Christmas Eve evening we ate Mama's homemade stew, it was delicious on a dreary cold evening! Watched a movie in the family room. Then Daron and I went over to the Sandidge's for a game of Taboo. It was a lot of fun.
Lucas, me and Daron~great times!

Mr. Sandidge aka Pops

A friendly little game of Taboo with the family

Christmas night we went back to the Sandidge's so "Pop's and Rosey" could see his kiddos! He played with his RC helicopter with them, gave them quarters, ate pizza and played on Lucas' Iphone. We enjoyed our visit with the family!
Guess who Santa's going to be...

Faith wearing Pop's hat and chowing down on some pizza

Will and Uncle Lucas

Silly Pops and Faithy Poo
Faith being silly with Rosie

Pops and Willie

We had so much fun making the most of our short visit <3 our Sandidge's

We are so blessed!


  1. We had a great time...thanks for coming by. Miss y'all. Someone left a quarter.....

  2. Pops, Thanks for having us!! Not sure which one left the quarter :)