Saturday, December 17, 2011


I am so thankful my sister and her family were able to come to Texas for Thanksgiving! It was a week full of fun, laughter, and LOTS of noise! :)
Sweet CO cousins were able to make it to Faith's Thanksgiving play
L to R: Haley, Faith, Madelyn, Will and Bentley

Aunt Fallon playing games with the kids...I swear I'm sending my kids to Camp Huff this summer! She's amazing!

Thanksgiving with the Carson's (Daron's Mom's side)

My pretty girl

My mother-n-law and me

Scott and Mema (my father-n-law and his mom)--so sweet!

On to the Vollmering Thanksgiving
My Aunt Barbie, I mean Aunt Sessa and Faith

This is the best I can do with my silly Aunts....this was a major feat with these kids

My gorgeous cousin, Paige, that makes me laugh my head off!

My seesters

The fabulous Vollmering ladies!
Kids playing by the pool is always safe! lol...they had so much fun together

Oh my gosh....look at lil. B's face! I love my nephews!
Bentley was so kind to take a picture with his 2nd favorite Aunt...what a sweet kid

Uncle Chris playing with Brannan

Madelyn cruis'n around

Brannan's had about enough of the cackling

Taking a picture of a family of 14 is quiet a challenge this was the best of 50, lol!


Bentley and his "favorite Aunt"

I see you...

Sunset in the country is always gorgeous!

On to the Moulton side of Thanksgiving
Cousins Jess and Kristen and new baby Brooklyn on the way

Jessica and Uncle Dan
Kristen and Jeremiah

Randomness of the weekend

Madelyn going on a hunt with Nana and Pa

whoa there little guy

This child lacks NO personality! Love her spunkiness!

Mandy and her chillins

Brannan has some awesome teeth....and he knows how to use 'em :/

Celebrated Nannie and Papa's 60 year wedding anniversary

Hope you enjoyed a little piece of our family holiday...looking forward to Christmas, but it wont be the same without the entire gang home.
~Peace and blessings to you and your family during this beautiful season~

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